FWWM European tour vol 2


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In Vain


In April three of Norway’s most innovative and hard-hitting metal bands team up for a European tour. Co-headlined by Vreid & Solefald with special guests In Vain, brace yourself for a night of haunting Northern Lights.
Vreid release their new opus ”Welcome Farewell” on 22nd of February. They immediately kick of with a Norwegian headliner tour in February. In April they will march across Europe, with Norwegian avantgarde metal legends Solefald as co-headliners. Primarily known as a groundbreaking studio project, Solefald will now unleash their creative strength across European stages in April. Special guest will be the progressive extreme metal band In Vain. In March they will release their new masterpiece, a follow-up of the highly acclaimed “Mantra” from 2010.

New album “WELCOME FAREWELL” out 22 Feb 2013 on Indie Recordings
Check out the first single “The Reap” here:
The Vreid Brigades’ music is often referred to as ”Black & Roll”. UK Metal Hammer described their music as a unique time travel in metal, and one can hear elements of 70s rock, 80s classic metal and Norwegian black metal. This unique sound is blended with historically inspired lyrics.
Vreid is a band touring heavily. They have done over 300 shows in 22 different countries across 3 continents. They have played major festivals like Wacken, Summer Breeze, Party-San, Metal Camp, Inferno, Ragnarok, HITS, ØYA etc., and toured with bands such as Enslaved, Pestilence, Marduk, Unleashed, Eluvetie, Belphegor, Einherjer & Kampfar to name a few. In 2011-12 Vreid headlined tours in Norway, Europe, India & North America, and toured the UK with Paradise Lost.
On February 22nd 2013 they will release their 6th Opus “Welcome Farewell” through Indie recordings, the follow up their greatest success album so far the Norwegian Grammy nominated “V”.

Exclusive European Tour
Solefald is a Norwegian avantgarde metal/black metal band that was formed by members Lars Are "Lazare" Nedland and Cornelius Jakhelln (aka Sturmgeist) in August 1995. "Solefald is an old Norse word for sunset. We took it from a drawing by the Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen, finding it to accurately capture the epic Norse quality of our music." Cornelius, also a writer, states that 'Solefald' literally means 'the fall of the sun', or just 'sunset'.
In the period 1995-2010 Solefald released 7 albums, all highly critically acclaimed. Their debut «The Linear Scaffold» was ranked #30 on Terrorizer’s list of all-time black metal classics in 2009. Having pioneered their very own brand of revolutionary black metal since the outset, Solefald are seen as one of the most unique and innovative bands in the Norwegian metal scene.
Their latest release «Norrøn Livskunst» on Indie Recordings in 2010 earned them a Norwegian Grammy nomination. The album features guest vocals by Agnete Kjølsrud (ex-Animal Alpha, Djerv) who was also featured on the album Abrahadabra released by Dimmu Borgir in 2010 as well. The album marked the first time the band recorded an album with nearly entirely Norwegian lyrics.
Now Solefald is finally ready to ravage the European stages for the first time in the 2000s. Make sure you don’t miss this exclusive event.
In the fall of 2013, Solefald will release their eighth studio album «Kosmopolis» on Indie Recordings.

In Vain
New album out March 2013.
In Vain was formed by J. Haaland and A. Frigstad back in 2003, however the band first saw action during the summer of 2004 when recording their first release. The highly critically acclaimed “Will the Sun Ever Rise” was a three-track EP of unrelenting atmosphere, aggression and complexity. The release was embraced by metal heads and journalists alike. Fueled by the standing ovations and the great response from a united metal press, the band was soon back in the studio to record yet another. “Wounds” was released December 2005 and the music was more diverse, progressive and dramatic than ever, without sacrificing the brutal edge of its predecessor. When their debut album was released in 2007, the metal world didn't know what hit them. “The Latter Rain” was recorded in DUB Studio (Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne & Chain Collector) in the summer/fall of 2006. The recording was a huge project involving close to 20 guest musicians and several guest vocalists such as legendary Jan K. Transeth (In the Woods...) and Kjetil Nordhus (Tristania, ex Green Carnation, ex Trail of Tears). Although the band kept the same vibe as on the two previous recordings the music was taken a step further, in every direction. A united metal press praised the album, and it was described as an instant classic.

After joining forces with Battered and label mates Vreid for a European tour, and several other live appearances such as the Inferno festival, and by:larm, the band went back to the drawing board and started to work on a new album.
With "Mantra", In Vain took the step up amongst the heavyweights of the genre. This album proved that the band is in it for the long haul, and it is safe to say that this is the best In Vain-album to date.
In 2013 In Vain are ready for their 3rd attack of progressive extreme metal. In March 2013 they will release their most extreme work to date.