Mar 2014

"Sognametal" Vreid - Windir - Ulcus

Greetings people. The 3. of september would have been Valfar´s 35th birthday. We are exited to tell you that in 2014 we will celebrate our fallen brother, 20 years of music, madness and comradeship. This one is for all of you that have supported us through 2 decades. See you in 2014.
11 albums & more than 400 shows in 22 countries on 3 continents calls for celebration.


In 2014 it is 20 years since the bands Windir and Ulcus were established in ”Fjøsen”/”The barn” in Sogndal, and its also marks the 10 years anniversary for Vreid. Hváll, Steingrim, Sture & Strom whom are Vreid today, have all played and been composers in all 3 bands.  To celebrate 2 decades of homebrewed metal, they now have gathered the Sognabrigade to assembly in 2014.  It will be an exclusive performance where they will perform songs from all 3 bands and cover their discography from past to present. Onboard for these special shows are their former troopers Righ from Windir, and Ese from Vreid. As a special guest on vocals they will also bring on Vegard Bakken, brother of  Windir legend Terje ”Valfar” Bakken whom passed away in 2004.
Shows: 01.05.2014 – Karmøygeddon Festival / Haugesund / Norway * Headliner

15.06.2014 – Legacy Open Air / Weismain / Germany

31.07-02.08. 2014 – Wacken Open Air / Wacken / Germany

22.08.2014 - Hellfest/ France

04.09-05.09 2014 - Meh Suff festival / Switzerland