Oslo Konserthus

Oslo Konserthus - Nye bevegelige lamper

Elekrik Solutions gratulerer Oslo Konserthus med nye bevegelige lamper. Vi er stolte over å kunne fortelle at valget falt på Clay Paky.
Etter flere tester og shootout`s med konkurrerende merker var valget enkelt å ta for lysmestrene
Eivind Hermann og Kristoffer Silden. «Clay Paky var definitivt de beste lampene vi testet. Valget falt på 18 stk Alpha Spot HPE 1500, 4 stk Alpha Profile 1500 og 18 stk B-eye K20» forteller Kristoffer Silden, før Eivind Hermann fortsetter, «De andre konkurrerende merkene var ikke i nærheten av det vi fikk frem i Clay Paky lampene. Det var ingen andre som hadde det samme utvalget i goboer, zoom-egenskaper eller optikk som Clay Paky 1500-serien. Og vi må ikke glemme B-EYE K20! Jeg har ikke sett noen LED-lampe som er sterkere enn K20 for øyeblikket. Lysstyrken sammen med den roterende linsen, det gigantiske macrobiblioteket og fantastiske wash-egenskaper er det for øyeblikket ikke en lampe som er i nærheten av hva denne lampen kan prestere.»
Oslo Konserthus ligger i bydelen Vika og har siden åpningen i 1977 vært en ledende arena i norsk kultur- og musikkliv med et bredt tilbud til hele befolkningen. Verdens fremste artister og orkestre besøker jevnlig huset. Konserthuset presenterer rundt 300 arrangementer årlig.

Nytt salslys Oslo Konserthus

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ETC Selador® lighting and Paradigm® control for Oslo Concert hall

Elektrik Solutions AS has supplied lighting and power control for a refurbishment of the Oslo Konserthus. Some 100 ETC Selador
Desire® D40 Lustr+ LED fixtures have been installed in the auditorium ceiling for houselighting, along with another 14 in the choir area behind the stage, and an ETC Unison paradigm system to control them.
Project manager for Elektrik, Benjamin Reinhoff, explains: “The Concert Hall’s staff had been looking at changing their lighting for some time now but hadn’t found anything quite right. They wanted something with the right light quality and a smooth dimming curve. “Through consulting firm ÅF Lighting Norway, we showed them a range of different options. Initially, the technicians saw a white LED fixture but weren’t happy with the result – the theatre’s seating fabric is a special shade of blue, and it didn’t ‘pop out’ quite right. So we did a test with ten Selador Desire fixtures, which, with their seven LED colors, were specifically designed to accurately render or even enhance colors and skin tones. The consultant, Morten Jensen, told us it was the best result he’d ever seen and the only product which even came close to matching the specification.”
To control the new fixtures, Electrik installed an ETC Unison Paradigm system – perfect for playing to the advantages of the fixtures – and additional relay modules to their existing ETC Unison dimming rack. “The fixtures are connected to the both Paradigm and the main lighting control desk,” says Reinhoff. “Each fixture can be pixel-mapped – so the houselights become part of the stage lighting.”
Paradigm is designed to make lighting easy to operate by a wide range of different people, from lighting technicians to front-of-house staff and maintenance personnel. By offering simple pushbutton panels or an LCD screen, the system can offer each type of user the lighting they need without requiring a lighting operator, while minimizing the risk of disturbing anyone else, such as when turning the houselights on during a performance. In addition to providing lighting control at the touch of a button, there are almost unlimited possibilities for Paradigm to run automatic events for both performance and everyday functions.

Norway’s national TV broadcaster NRK often comes to the hall to record concerts, and where previously the lighting director would have had big 5K fixtures to wash the audience in blue, such power-consuming lighting is no longer needed. Desire LED fixtures are ideal for deep colors such as reds and blue, providing more light at a fraction of the electricity.
Dag Jonny Martinsen, technical manager at the Oslo Concert House says: “The challenge we had was to emphasize the symmetry of the room and to be able to really wash it with light. The ETC Seladors perform that task well. We found that the possibilities are almost endless. The feedback we’ve had so far goes from ‘Wow’ from some of the producers, to nothing at all from the orchestra – which is a very good sign!